Science & Technology

A learning environment where students explore, create and investigate using the tools of science and information technology.

Expectations of students in this Academy



Students will:

  • Complete an Academic merit by the end of Year 7
  • Produce quality presentations



Students will:

  • Be committed to being challenged and extended in a variety of technological opportunities
  • Respect and demonstrate responsibility with all resources
  • Appreciate and celebrate the achievements and ability of others



Students will:

  • Participate in a balanced curriculum with a core focus on Numeracy and Literacy
  • Enter the Science and Technology Fair in at least 2 categories
  • Enter ICAS Science or Computer tests as appropriate
  • Be actively involved in other areas of the Attitude for Excellence programme
  • Access and use a computer outside of school hours to complete specific tasks



Students will:

  • Use strengths in Science and Technology to mentor and coach others
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