Room 19

Welcome to Room 19 for 2020

I am looking forward to getting to know everyone in the coming weeks. We have a jam packed term ahead of us, we have two swimming sports events, MANA reward days, a summer sports exchange, and plenty of other opportunities to get involved with different groups ad activities.

This term our curriculum focus’ are:

Reading                                                                        Topic

Asking and Answering Questions                             MANA

Make connections                                                       Culture

Identifying the main idea                                          Identity and Place                                                               

Writing                                                                          P.E

Recount                                                                         Swimming

Narrative                                                                      Striking and Fielding





Homework will be given out to students each Monday and will be due back on a Friday.


Our technology days are Tuesday and Friday. Over the year Room 19 will take part in our five technologies: Performing Art, Digital Technology, Hard Materials, Cooking, and Visual Art.


Student diaries are essential in promoting self-management and organisation. The diary is a key place for students to record all notices, important information, and track their MANA. There is also a space for parent-teacher communication, as well as an area at the back for late notes, absentee notes, out of uniform notes, and physical education non-participation notes.

If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me by emailing me at or by ringing the school office.

Looking forward to a wonderful first term!

Miss Maggie Kynoch 🙂