Welcome to Room 15 for 2020

Room 15 – Term 3

Following the upheaval of Covid 19 Room 15 have settled back into the routine of coming to school, learning and taking part in all the extra-curricular activities on offer at Devon Intermediate School.

This term we have been refining our skills in Geometry – measuring angles, perimeters, areas, and volumes of various shapes. Once these topics have been taught we will move on to algebra in order to understand letters or symbols have a numerical value.

In literacy we are able to identify various parts of speech and recognise the function they perform in sentences. The class have been developing the skills of constructing more descriptive sentences by adding adjectives or adverbs and these will be consolidated over the coming weeks of the term.

Our topic of interests have been wide and varied. The benefits of sleep, comparing Covid 19 to the Great Plague, or future space travel.

As the election gets closer we will be working to understand the process of voting for a Member of Parliament, the relationship to their parties and how we have a change of Prime Minister.

For the remainder of the term we will continue to identify the author’s purpose, and infer/predict from the information contained in the text.

Room 15 are fully involved in extra-curricular activities, taking part in enrichment options and the recent sports exchange with Highlands Intermediate. Some of our students are busy attending rehearsals for the Lion King production. We have been practicing for the inter-class Dodge Ball competition and everyone in Room 15 will take part in the school cross-country event.

We are looking forward to finishing the year with a great sense of achievement.