Welcome to Room 15 for 2020


Term 2, 2020

Who would have thought just a few months ago as we started the year at Devon Intermediate School that the world would be turned upside down and the way in which we went about our learning would be completely different.

Not only a new vocabulary to know and understand – bubbles, 2 meter rule, lockdown and covid-19 etc… but also the processes to complete on line learning – the google suite, devices, learning remotely and turning in work for marking. A foreign language for many.

In order to navigate our way through the lock-down and our recovery we have to learn, respond and adapt in quick succession. Qualities our young people will refine as they get older.

On reviewing the first term, Room 15 completed testing for Maths, Reading and Literacy to ascertain strengths and gaps in knowledge so as to direct teaching into areas that need improvement.

We participated in lunchtime sports activities and the school swimming sports with 2 members of our class chosen to represent the school later this year.

All class members were rewarded for consistently being attentive and well behaved by taking part in the MANA DAY reward activities.

Once out of lock-down we will be back at school by covering the following topics – demonstrating various tessellations by translating, rotating and reflecting shapes. Identifying and implementing the process providing information when writing while in literacy we will be asking and answering questions about the text.

Winter sport will get underway and hopefully the inter-school sports exchanges will take place.

Thanks to parents and students for the patience shown to me as I embarked on this huge learning curve during lock-down. Appreciated

I will finish with an applicable quote:

“Persistence and resilience only come from having been given the chance to work through difficult problems”- Gever Tulley

Mr Derek Dingle