Room 14

Ahoy There!

Welcome aboard to Room 14!

I am very excited to be the captain of this ship as we set sail on an amazing journey this year. Room 14 are a strong bunch of crew and together we have exciting adventures ahead. I have sailed many oceans having worked aboard the Disney Cruise liners as well as floated down rivers in my time as an Outdoor Instructor. My past adventures have also taken me to Romania and Mexico where I taught English and also to the United States where I worked as a Camp Counselor. I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experiences with you all.

The first Island we will visit this term is filled with many great learning opportunities. The island will be filled with learning our MANA values, classroom expectations/ship roles, and understanding what it’s like to work onboard as a team. Our second island will provide fun, problem solving and hands on learning through Maths, Literacy, Social Studies and PE. As well as all the fun we will have onboard we will also have the chance to challenge our fellow shipmates in team competitions. We are representing the YELLOW ship and we will strive to sail on past the Blue, Red and Green ships in every event while having bucket loads of fun!

Also, luckily for us – being surrounded by islands will allow us the opportunity to swim. As crew members we are always prepared so will have our togs, towel and PE gear every day. Our swimming schedule is Tuesday and Thursday and our focus is water safety and survival. Both essential components to life onboard.

Our crew are being prepared for what’s to come and have set their own goals to work towards this year. I encourage all students to share their learning at home and I strongly believe in a reciprocal partnership between the home and school. Crew members are expected to complete homework tasks as well as all tasks given onboard. When this occurs our ship is smooth sailing and remains on course.

I can’t wait to sail this journey through the year with Room 14! Feel free to come aboard and say Ahoy. The best times are 0815 before we set sail and/or as we anchor up from 15:15. Otherwise feel free to send an email to

Important dates this term for our crew:

Thursday, February 20th Adventure Assessments PM
Friday, February 21st Adventure Assessments AM
Friday, February 21st Swimming Standards
Friday, February 28th Swimming Champs
Thursday, March 5th Whanau BBQ
Friday, March 6th Teacher Only Day
Thursday, March 12th MANA Reward Day
Thursday, April 9th Last day of Term One