Room 14

Dear Parents / Caregivers


My name is Aaron Lancaster and I am the teacher of Room 14 for the remainder of this year. I am looking forward to meeting all of you at the Pathways and Planning meetings on Monday the 6th of August or Tuesday the 7th of August.

The big focus in Room 14 for Term Three is preparation for High School.

We are currently working on the New Zealand Curriculum Key Competencies of ‘Managing Self’ and ‘Relating to Others’. High School is a busy time with varied learning and extra-curricular activities that allow students to further develop their identity and sense of ‘self’. In order to make the most of this time students need to be organised for their learning and knowing what is coming up next. In order to ‘Manage Self’ students should have an idea of their learning needs and to start to develop a sense of responsibility for their own learning. As the term progresses our class will be starting to set their own learning goals as part of the Room 14 Home Learning programme and I will cover this with you during the Pathways and Planning conferences.

Relating to Others is another important competency that all students will need more than ever for High School and beyond. Through the course of our learning we will be looking at different values and beliefs between people and the importance of relating well to other people.

Term Three Learning

Home Learning goes out on a Tuesday and is due back in the following Tuesday. This allows me to give students a friendly reminder every Monday… An aspect of Home Learning is for students to prioritise completing class work not finished during class time.  Please encourage your child to complete their home learning every week.

Maths – We are covering the Measurement and Geometry strands. You can find out more information in the New Zealand Curriculum online – Mathematics and Statistics.

English – The needs in Room 14 are varied and each student will be working on fulfilling their individual needs to progress. More information can be found in the New Zealand Curriculum online – English. It is worth noting that a requirement for meeting the curriculum objectives in writing means that students must demonstrate they can write across all learning areas of the curriculum.

Science – We are working on developing the Five Science Capabilities with the Nature of Science Strand. This is via a hands-on programme of experiments with a large focus on gathering and interpreting data. Feel free to ask your child to explain ‘Observing and Inferencing’.

Social Science – We will be covering Level Four of the Social Science learning area with a focus on the history of the people in Taranaki. We will be looking at the convergence of the Māori and Pākehā cultures in the early 1800’s and investigating some of the tensions that arose in the lead up to, and aftermath of, the Taranaki Wars.

Health and Physical Education – We have our cross country run this term and we will be looking at building endurance and stamina through weekly fitness sessions. We will also be studying movement concepts and motor skills through classroom based lessons and practical lessons outside. It is important that students have their P.E gear everyday at school.

Just a reminder;

MANA: MANA remains a big focus here at Devon this year. Please spend some time going through your child’s diary to find out all about it if you are unsure. We are hoping to have lots of students achieving their bronze, silver and gold badges. Students will have their diaries highlighted, either Green or Red, at the end of everyday; Green meaning they have fulfilled expectations for the day, Red meaning they need some work. I wholeheartedly encourage you to go through your child’s diary with them everyday to keep a track on their progress.

Diaries: Student diaries are essential to student organisation and learning here at Devon. Please ensure your child brings their diary every day. There is a space for parents to write notes for school.

If you have any queries or concerns, email is the easiest and most efficient medium to contact me. My email is  

If you do not have email I can be contacted via the school office on 758 5266.