Room 13

Welcome to Room 13 for 2020

Dear Room 13 Whanau

It has been quite a journey navigating our way through Level 4 and now on to Level 3.  I trust you have all weathered the metaphorical storm well and are feeling more relaxed with the daily challenges we have all faced.  I must admit living alone I have missed face to face contact and relish getting back to relative normal class time.

 We have just finished our Teacher Only Day as I write this, and are reeling from the new learning for Google Classroom.  I can understand how it is for students who have not studied online like this before.  There have been a few standout students who have generously helped other students struggling to navigate their way around Google classroom.  Thank you for your kindness. 

For those of you who have followed my posts on line you will be aware that I have had a mixed bag of success around getting jobs done at home during the break.  The garden is not looking as good as I had hoped.  During the Teacher Only Day yesterday we were put into our ‘Bubble Teams’ and were required to make something for morning tea, keeping our 1 metre distance and only using one hand.  It was a great exercise in cooperation, discipline and evoked much laughter and fun.  Needless to say we ended up with a varied, delicious morning tea.  Adventure Team made chocolate chip cookies.  If you have several members in your house hold you could try it also. 

I have posted the next couple of weeks work on Google Classroom for those of you on line.  Do your best to complete what you can.  The students who returned to school today will be also doing the same work.  The Class Code for Google Classroom is:  7ceab23.  If you are not already on line jump on.  You use your school email address which is:

            Keep safe and keep your bubbles small.

            Yours sincerely Glen Phillips