Room 13

31 July 2019

Dear Room 13 Whanau

We had a very full and rewarding Term 2 with the School Science Fair being a culmination of the science investigations we did.  Congratulations to Amy, Eden, Emma and Skye for the very high standard of their Science Boards.  A special recognition goes to Emma and Skye whose board is in the WITT Taranaki Science and Technology Fair.  We look forward to hearing how they get on.  We also had most of the class create posters about Pest Free Taranaki.  Several also have gone through to the WITT Fair.

This Term our integrated topic is ‘Games’.  We will be researching games from different countries and teaching them to students in our class, as well as to other classes.  If you have any games from your childhood you can teach your child, so they can share it with our class, please feel free to do so.   We also have cross country training for P.E. with the Standards Cross Country Friday of Week 6 and the Championships Friday of Week 7.  Students are encouraged to bring along running shoes to wear during training sessions only.

We are focussing on persuasive texts for literacy, so that students are able to present compelling persuasive speeches later in the term.  A focus on procedural texts is also planned, to help with writing out how to play different games.

It would be lovely to have parents and caregivers come in to class on a Thursday afternoon, towards the end of the term, to play some games with our class or show the students how to play a new game.  I will let you know any details closer to the date.

Thank you for your continued support

Yours sincerely Glen Phillips