Room 10

Term One, 2020

This term promises to be a busy term, full of activities for students to be involved in.



Making connections to texts, identifying main ideas and asking & answering questions


Narratives and Recounts


Number and Geometry


 – Understand and describe our own culture and the cultures of others;

– Understand and explain the culture of communities we belong to;

– Create a shared understanding of the MANA Values and Expectations;

– Create a pepeha to communicate my knowledge of self.


Aquatics and Summer Sport Skills

This term your child will have opportunities to try new activities.  They will be encouraged to give as many things a go as they can.  Many of these opportunities earn them points towards the Attitude for Excellence badges.  They will learn more about this in the classroom and plan pathways to achieving the badges they wish to earn.

This term it will be especially important for your child to be using their Diary to record reminders around these events.  Please encourage them to do so and check your child is meeting MANA expectations and on track to receiving the MANA Reward Days.

Room 10 is a Year 7 class and part of the Endeavour Team.

Our house colour is RED.

Students in Endeavour will need to wear red clothing and hats for a number of inter-house sport competitions this year.


Respect – be caring and considerate

Use polite and appropriate language with a suitable tone

Treat others as you wish to be treated.

Accept and value differences.

Use manners at all times.

Care for all property

Follow instructions immediately.

Diligence – achieve your personal best

Do everything to the best of your ability.

Right place, right time, right gear.

Perseverance – finish what you start.

Wear the correct uniform with pride

Integrity – be honest and trustworthy

Take responsibility for your own choices and actions.

Speak the truth with kindness.

Honour your commitments.

Service  – help and be actively involved

Contribute for the right reasons.

Be positively involved.

Have an attitude of gratitude.

Use your initiative – help before you are asked.

These expectations help to create a positive learning environment for your child and allow us to maximise learning time to develop new skills and strategies across all areas of the curriculum. By meeting these expectations, being punctual and attending at least 80% of the time your child will be eligible for special MANA Reward Days, class trips and school events.

All students in Room 10 are given weekly homework on a Monday.  It is usually due on a Friday, though may vary from time to time.  Due dates will be on the homework sheet or in the Homework Book each week.  Along with a task in their Homework Book, your child will also have spelling words to learn and a reading log to fill in each night in their diary.  Your encouragement of your child to complete their homework is appreciated.  Student homework can be completed in the Homework Book or on a computer and emailed in.

All students are given a Studyladder account at the start of the year.  Their login and password will be stuck in the back of their diaries.  This is a website that will have tasks set on topics being studied at school or based on student interest.  The address is

If you would like to contact me regarding your child, please do not hesitate to call the school office on 7585 266 or by email

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