Welcome to Performing Arts for 2020

Kia ora, kia ora, kia ora welcome to the world that is PERFORMING ARTS!

Ko Taranaki tōku maunga

Ko Waitara tōku awa

Ko Te Atiawa me ko Rotuma ōku iwi

Ko Ngāti Rahiri me ko Itumuta ōku hapu

Ko Varea tōku matua. Nō Whiti ia.

Ko Shiralee tōku whaea. Nō Aotearoa ia.

Ko Kijiana Pene ahau

My name is Miss Pene and I love anything and everything there is to do with performing. Even more, I love helping students build the confidence they need, not only in performing, but in life.

My mission at Devon Intermediate this year is to introduce students to drama, dance and music, the basic skills needed to perform in these areas and most importantly, confidence. From there students will be expected to build from their own creativity and produce their own amazing performances – who knows, I may be teaching the next Taika Waititi, Stan Walker or Lorde!

In a world that is constantly evolving with jobs that never existed and jobs becoming extinct, the need for creativity is vital. The performing arts allows students to grow in confidence and explore their own creativity and voice.

Performing arts students grow in understanding of what it means to not only be human, but to be good, noble, honourable, kind and compassionate. These attributes are a vital set of tools that can be adapted into any workforce. From actors, dancers and musicians, to lawyers, doctors, teachers and a whole lot more! The performing arts can help you build the confidence to in any career.

Term 2 has seen a new way of learning. The performing arts continue to thrive with students being creative in their bubbles performing tasks such as lip syncs and more online learning activities.

We are also excited to announce we start to get underway with the school production of ‘The Lion King’. Get ready for a whole lot of rehearsals, singing, dancing, animals and a lot more fun!

So I look forward to helping students create, learn, play, build, explore, and discover how the performing arts can be a positive influence in their lives.

Kijiana Pene