Devon Intermediate School Library    

In 2013 Devon Intermediate School had the misfortune of our wonderful library burning down. With rebuilding now underway, our vision is to create a cutting edge, 21st century Library and Information Centre. Here students will be able to access, evaluate and process information from a variety of state of the art resources as well as develop a lifelong love of learning and reading for pleasure.

The library will be rebuilt in its original place and will boast a modern, minimalistic décor with up-to-date technology as well as an outdoor area where students can relax and read whilst enjoying the beautiful setting.

Opening Hours

 Our current library is opened during the day Monday to Thursday and at morning tea and lunchtimes.

General Information

 Students may borrow two books at any one time. These can be issued for a period of two weeks which will then need to be returned or renewed.If a student has an overdue book they will not be able to issue any more books until it is returned. There is no charge for overdue items but any lost or badly damaged books will need to be replaced.

If a book is on issue a student may reserve it.

Student librarians

The librarian will advertise at the beginning of each term for student librarians who will fulfill their duties for one day a week to cover the morning tea and lunch time breaks.

New Books

Our librarian is a keen and enthusiastic reader herself and enjoys informing students of new books that have been purchased and giving book reviews on those she has read. There is a reading vine on the wall where students and staff can place a leaf onto with a rating out of 10 of what they thought the book they read was worth.

Teacher Resources 

Along with the new rebuild will be a separate wing designated to teachers for their resource materials along with photocopiers and ample work space. Purchases such as i-Pads, Tablets and other up-to-date technology will be available for the teachers to use to enhance theirs and student learning. 

 Contact the library:

Library and Resource manager: Mrs Nicky Howarth