Food Technology

Food Technology

Food Technology at Devon is a combination of theory, practical cooking sessions and product design and development.

The students complete a design project which runs parallel with weekly skills and practical sessions. The design project focuses on the Technological Practice Strand of the Technology Curriculum and students are assessed on Brief Development, Planning for Practice and Outcome Development and Evaluation.

Throughout the cycle students will also be introduced to the Technological Knowledge and Nature of Technology Strands by completing a variety of one off activities.

Students will also learn specific skills and knowledge which will help them work safely in a kitchen and complete tasks.

  • Kitchen procedures
  • Safety and hygiene
  • Nutrition
  • Safe and correct use of equipment
  • Understand topic specific terminology and abbreviations
  • Decoding recipes
  • Identifying key stages
  • Preparation methods
  • Cooking methods
  • Sensory evaluation – food product testing, stakeholder opinion
  • Reading labels – information, nutrition
  • Purpose of packaging and design

The programmes for Year 7 and 8 are differentiated with students building on their skills and knowledge throughout the two years here at Devon. The Year 8 programme has more complicated tasks and students are encouraged to be independent learners.

When possible the design project in Food Technology which reflects the topic being studied in the homeroom class.

Ailsa Allan