Sports Academy

Inspiring Personal strength and character through health, sport and fitness.

Expectations of students in this Academy



Students will:

  • Complete a Sports merit by the end of Year 7
  • Participate and give their best in all school standards sports events
  • Display quality in all areas
  • Complete set work within agreed time frames



Students will:

  • Be committed to being challenged and extended through fitness and sport specific skills
  • Respect the environment and resources
  • Be organised with appropriate PE gear relevant to the activity



Students will:

  • Participate in a balanced curriculum with a core focus on Numeracy and Literacy
  • Be actively involved in other areas of the Attitude for Excellence programme
  • Participate in regular physical exercise outside of school hours
  • Participate in a summer and winter sports code
  • Participate in 20 minutes of intense fitness training every day



Students will:

  • Organise and implement class, team or school wide physical activities
  • Be a good role model by demonstrating the Devon Code of Fair Play
  • Appreciate and celebrate the achievements and ability of others