Room 5

Welcome to Room 5 for 2019

Welcome back to Term 3 in Room 5, Devon Intermediate!

We are already half way through our school year and have a busy time ahead of us.  Thank you to the families and whanau who came along to our Planning and Pathways meetings, it was great to have the students input and goals set for the remainder of the year.

Our focus for Term 3 is Adventure; trying new things, being outside our comfort zone and giving it a go.  It is a busy term with a Winter Sports Exchange, Cross Country, High School Open Evenings, AIMS Games and Camp.

Curriculum Focuses

Writing: Procedural, Persuasive and Speech Writing

Reading: Inference and Making Connections

Maths: Geometry and Statistics

PE: Cross Country and Winter Sports

Wishing everyone a fantastic Term 3

Alana Glentworth