Room 4

Room 4,

Devon Intermediate School,

Devon Street West,


Review of Term 2 – Room 4

Term 2 saw Room 4 students settle in and fully participate in school activities on offer at Devon Intermediate.

  • A number of students were chosen to represent the school for the two sports exchanges that were held during the term.
  • One or two diligent students had worked hard to gain their bronze badge recognising 50 MANA points.
  • All enjoyed the enrichment classes on offer anything from making soft toys to playing chess.
  • Some participated in the extra-curricular musical instrument lessons available.
  • With persuasion we, as a class participated in the lunchtime sports activities on offer, competing to the best of our ability.

Curricular activities during the term covered the following topics:

Language – Planning using the hamburger model or elaborating on the 4 senses. We also learnt how to recognise parts of speech and we are able to identify and use similes and metaphors.

Maths – The class looked closely at fractions to include the role of both the numerator and denominator and then adding and subtracting fractions. In addition, we reviewed measurement and are able to convert the various units of measure.

Reading – We continued to consolidate our skills of reading for understanding, determining the meaning of unknown words and predicting and inferring from facts we know.

Topic of Interest – Although we struggled with the concept, the focus of the term was identifying and researching famous buildings, bridges and monuments and recreating them using ice cream sticks and blue tack.

Thanks to all the parents and caregivers that took the time to attend the planning and pathways meeting. It was pleasing to see such a wonderful turnout of parents showing a genuine interest in their child’s scholastic development.

Finally congratulations to Larissa Hodges who won the class merit award for the term. Consistently focussed and applying herself – well done.

Kind regards,

Derek Dingle

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