Room 4

Room 4,

Devon Intermediate School,

Devon Street West,



28th January, 2019


Dear Parents and Caregivers of Room 4 Students

Thank you for giving me the opportunity and responsibility of consolidating, developing and enhancing the scholastic and social skills of your child or guardian over the course of this year.

Being classified as “mature,” I originally taught at Glen Eden Intermediate School in Auckland many moons ago. I took the opportunity to travel overseas and then returned to take up various roles in sales, marketing and management.

Just over a decade ago we moved to New Plymouth after being offered the job of Operations Manager with the Taranaki Rugby Football Union and after a brief stint as CEO of Poverty Bay Rugby returned and took a job as a teacher aide at Inglewood High School. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and with a little persuasion decided to retrain to obtain my teachers certificate again.

I had a year of relief teaching at various schools throughout Taranaki but found I wasn’t in a class long enough to have an influence on students learning so in the last 18 months have held permanent positions at both Normanby and Tawhiti Schools in South Taranaki.

I believe my role is to help facilitate a learning environment where students grow, develop and attain their goals in an enjoyable and caring way.

The school clearly states on the walls of classrooms, in the Home School Diary and in the corridors the MANA values and expected behaviour they uphold and the consequences should this not occur. This process will be followed in order to maintain a conducive learning atmosphere for all.

The diary is a record of homework set, behaviour being displayed at school and a fundamental line of communication between the classroom and home. Having a nominal amount of homework set over the course of a week (I understand pupils have commitments to work, sports or cultural groups on particular nights therefore have 4 nights to complete tasks) consolidates concepts taught, helps children get into a routine for when they move to high school and gives adults an insight into what we are doing at school and the progress being made.

Should you have any concerns or would like to further discuss any aspect of your child’s education please make contact via the diary or email in the first instance:;

I look forward to meeting you all in person over the course of the year and establishing a strong link between home and school.


Kind regards,

Derek Dingle


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