Room 7


Dear Parents / Caregivers

Well we have made a great start to the Term and are really looking forward to a settled one, with fewer breaks.  It was great to have such a positive turnout for the Pathways and Planning Meetings.  I trust you all now have a clearer understanding of where your child is at and how they can progress.

You will have notices that the Homework format has changed slightly.  Our major focus for writing and reading this Term is vocabulary development and spelling, so I have included two language based activities for Homework on Monday and Wednesday.  I have been delighted with the consistent completion of Homework by the vast majority of students; some even going the extra mile by extending their efforts to do more examples than required.  This is an excellent indication of students taking ownership or ‘agency’ for their learning and prepares them well for the greater independence required at High School.  Thank you to those of you who help and encourage your child to complete Homework.  As always, I make myself available during interval and lunchtime to assist any student who is having difficulty; they only need to ask.

We are writing character descriptions at the moment; starting off with a description of ourselves, which will go with the avatar each child has created of themselves.  We plan to display these on the windows of our class, with the character description on the inside.  Each class in the Year 7 Team is also displaying their avatars on their windows, so it will make an impressive display when completed.


Glen Phillips


Term 2 Team wide Newsletter 2018