Room 7


After our Stream Study in Week 4 of Term 2 all of the students wrote letters of thanks to the Parents and Caregivers who helped out, as well as to Mr Archer.  They all received a personal thank you note from Mr Archer as he was so delighted they had written such detailed letters to him.  The students were thrilled.

The success of Kyran and Lukas’ Science Board being submitted for the Taranaki Science and Technology Fair, as well as posters from Te’a, Esther, Helen and Joe was a highlight of the end of Term.  We look forward to finding out if they have won any prizes.

I will send you text reminders of different events or information at various times.  These are sent from my cell phone, so you will then have my personal number.  Please use this if necessary, but please do not give it to others or allow your child to have access to my number.  Thank you for your co-operation.

Glen Phillips




Term 3 2017 Newsletter R7