Room 7

Dear Parents and Caregivers

It was such a pleasure to see so many of you at the Meet the Teacher Evening last Thursday.  I decided to send the white copy of the Attitude for Excellence Sheet home over the weekend so you could talk about goals with your child.  I hope you will continue to reinforce their positive participation in as many activities as possible to stretch them and help them to find their passion.

We were able to clear $115 with our ice cream soda stall.  Unfortunately I received a quote from the printer today and it will cost $12 + GST to print each T Shirt.  This has made a commercial printing option beyond our budget.  If anyone knows of someone who would be willing to print them for much less please let me know.  At a pinch we could do them with a bit of help from some parents!!!!

We are well under way with our classroom program and the major focus over the next two weeks is testing.  We need to assess where your child is so we can structure a programme to meet their needs and so they can take ownership of their next learning steps.  I will be sending home a sheet in their Maths books that has what their next steps are in number.  Please have a read and see how you can help your child achieve their goals e.g. help them to learn their 3 and 4x tables.

Our swimming program is going very well due to the wonderful fine weather.  Please ensure your child has their togs and P.E. gear daily so they are prepared if we can’t go swimming we can do P.E. instead.

Thank you so much for your support in ensuring your child completes their homework each night.  I am available every day except Wednesday to help them at interval or before school if they need it.

In anticipation of your continued support

Glen Phillips


Term 1 2018 Newsletter R7