Room 16

Welcome to Room 16 for 2020

Welcome back to Devon Intermediate 2020 and to Room 16! I hope you all had a fantastic summer break of family-filled adventures. It was great to meet most of you at the beginning of the year Planning and Pathway meetings. Looking ahead we have a very busy year filled with learning activities and house competitions.

Our house for this year is:


We wear:


For the upcoming Standards Swimming sports on Friday 21st February.

MANA: MANA remains a big focus here at Devon this year. Please spend some time going through your child’s diary to find out all about it if you are unsure. We are hoping to have lots of students achieving their bronze, silver and gold badges.

Diaries: Student diaries are essential to student organisation and learning here at Devon. Please ensure your child brings theirs every day. There is a space for parents to write notes for school.

PE gear and togs are needed this term. These items need to be named and at school daily. 

Homework: Homework will be handed out on a Monday and is due back completed by the following Monday. In Room 16 we stress the importance of being organised so if there is a legitimate reason for homework not to be completed I encourage students to approach me before the deadline or bring in a note if possible. There is also extra homework if requested.

This term our topic is based on Culture and Myths and Legends which will have us looking at Narrative and Recount writing. We will be studying number in maths for the first five weeks so please keep practicing those times tables at home. For reading we are looking at the making connections, questioning, and finding the main idea.. Watch this space! We are also really focused on getting the students ready for High School and taking responsibility for their own learning.

If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone through the school office, or by emailing me at

Looking forward to a fantastic term!

Miss Mary Mattock