Room 12

Welcome to Room 12 for 2020

Welcome to Term Two of 2020 which has begun looking very different from our usual Term Two with most students learning from home due to Covid 19.

I want to thank you all for your support during Term 1 and for your support especially over the last few weeks in guiding your children through their home learning during Alert Level 4. It is very much appreciated.

I would also like to mention how amazing the students of Room 12 and of the whole school have been over the last four weeks. I’m sure at times this all seemed very scary and overwhelming but they have all handled it amazingly! So I would all like to thank everyone in Room 12 for their efforts!

As a class we have achieved some amazing tasks over the lockdown period! We have created thank you cards for our amazing essentials workers, we have reflected on our own thoughts and feelings during this challenging time and we have learnt more about the experience of our Anzac Soldiers during WW1 and put this learning into writing letters from their perspective. So again, thank you for all of your efforts.

Reflecting on Term One

What an amazing first term we had in Room 12! From our first week where we all settled in nicely and got to know one another, to our victory as Endeavour House in Swimming Sports, to our trip to the Art Gallery and our Mana Reward day! We had a very busy first term with lots of opportunities for everyone to get involved in all sorts of things at Devon.

Room 12 on their trip to the Len Lye Centre

Room 12 all dressed up for Swimming Sports

Looking Forward

The first two weeks of this term are going to continue to be different to our normal until we move forward into Alert Level 2. Here is an insight into what this is going to look like.

We will be focusing on maintaining your child’s knowledge in the following subject areas via Google Classroom or hard copy work packs for at least the next two weeks and possibly longer:

  • WellBeing
  • Maths
  • Reading
  • P.E.
  • Writing
  • Te Reo & Aotearoa History which your child can watch via the Home Learning TV channel each day.

When we do move forward into Alert Level 2 I can assure you that as a school will be ensuring that the greatest safety procedures are taken to keep your child safe upon their return.

As for the rest of the term, at this stage it is difficult to tell what that is going to look like. The best information I can give you for now is that moving ahead we will be taking everything we have learnt over the last several weeks and using this to move forward into our ‘new normal’ in Room 12 at Devon Intermediate.

Once we have more information concerning the rest of the term I will be sure to update you!

To finish off here are a couple of photos of what two of the students of Room 12 have been up to during the lockdown.

Sapphire making pizzas for tea in her bubble!

The volcano that Zac and his sister created!

A poster that Zac made to inform people about what they can do to help in the fight against Covid 19.