Room 12

Welcome to Room 12 for 2020

Term Four, 2020

Welcome back to our final term here at Devon Intermediate for 2020. Term Four is promising to be another busy term with some very exciting things ahead!

This term is all about the topic of CHANGE. 

Over the next 10 weeks we are going to be focusing on this concept within our given subjects. For the first week of term we are lucky enough to have the Life Education Truck here looking at the concept of reputations and the legacy our Year 8 students want to leave here at Devon. During week one and two we will also be looking at the upcoming election here in NZ. Moving forward into weeks three to seven the students are going to have the opportunity to do some research and present a group project about a topic of their choice relating to change that has occurred here in Taranaki. Throughout the term but particularly from week seven onwards we will be focusing on getting the students in Room 12 prepared and equipped to transition from Intermediate to High School in 2021.

This term is going to be a great opportunity for the students of Room 12 to continue to grow their independence and responsibility for their learning in preparation for next year. We will be focusing on continuing to challenge each other to work to the best of our ability and to be positively involved in every aspect of our school life.

Here is an outline of the different topics we are hoping to cover this term.

Reading – we will be looking at learning the reading skills of Summarising and Cause & Effect

Writing – we will be completing a piece of explanatory writing related to our projects about change within Taranaki

Maths – this term we are going to aim to cover all aspects of the maths curriculum beginning with Algebra and then moving onto Geometry & Measurement

Te Reo – continuing to work on our pronunciation and vocabulary expansion with a start on sentence formation

Topic – We will be completing research projects about change within Taranaki

P.E. – Athletics and Traditional Dancing

Art – We are going to continue to help with prop making for the upcoming production of the Lion King

There are also a number of events happening to look forward to this term. Some key dates to remember are:

Pink Shirt Mufti Day – Friday 16th October

Teachers only day – Friday 23rd October

Labour Day – Monday 26th October

Lion King Production – Wednesday 4th to Saturday 7th of November

Mana Reward Big Day Out – Thursday 12 November

Athletic Championships – Friday 13 November

NPBHS/NPGHS School Visits – Tuesday 24 November

Spotswood Transition Day – Friday 27 November

Grad Ball – Thursday 10 December

Mana Reward Big Day In – Friday 11 December

Last Day of Term/Prize Giving – Tuesday 15 December

I am looking forward to a really great last term with the students of Room 12! Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any concerns or questions. 

My email is:

Take care,

Jenna Mercer