Welcome to Performing Arts for 2020

Kia ora, kia ora, kia ora welcome to the world that is PERFORMING ARTS!

Ko Taranaki tōku maunga

Ko Waitara tōku awa

Ko Te Atiawa me ko Rotuma ōku iwi

Ko Ngāti Rahiri me ko Itumuta ōku hapu

Ko Varea tōku matua. Nō Whiti ia.

Ko Shiralee tōku whaea. Nō Aotearoa ia.

Ko Kijiana Pene ahau

Term four has been a very busy time for performing arts at Devon Intermediate. The students worked really hard in all areas of the performing arts to make the school production a success!

At Devon Intermediate we have a range of opportunities for students to learn and see the different career paths you can have in  the arts. We had a group of musically gifted students create a choir, a production management team create props, run the sound and lighting, and be backstage.

In class this term we have been focusing on using our digital skills and incorporating these with performing arts. Students have been designing trailers and short films for shows they would like to see on Netflix. Some of these are remakes of shows already made but with a ‘kiwiana’ feel and to be honest, some of them are better than the actual show!

We have had some of the hard materials students building some props that focus around NZ history for our exciting program for 2021 and I can’t wait to get stuck into it.

One last word from me. Thank you to all my amazing students and I hope that you left my class feeling a little more confident in yourselves. Performing arts isn’t just about being great actors, but building up the confidence you need to be great citizens of Aotearoa.

As I say in my class. kia ora kia ora kia ora