Associate Principal – Mr Avery



Naumai Haeremai, welcome to Devon Intermediate School.  I have had the pleasure of being the Associate Principal at Devon Intermediate for the past eight years.


As an Associate Principal I have many and varied responsibilities in our school. First and foremost of these is to support the Principal, Mrs Gellen and to act, from time to time, in her absence.  I especially enjoy the role of Attitude for Excellence coordinator !!! Having students achieve goals and be awarded Merits at assembly is what it is all about. I truly believe that it is an achievable goal for every student to be presented with at least one of their Merit badges.    Presenting Attitude for Excellence Honours Awards is particularly satisfying. I challenge all recipients of an overall Attitude for Excellence Award to work towards their Honours  – a prestigious award that requires independent higher order thinking (strongly supported by a staff mentor).


Student Leadership is another area that I am very passionate about.  Each year I have the pleasure of mentoring our Head Students , and I am continuously blown away by the exceptional talent and skills of this group, along with our House Captains.  The Young Leaders camp to Wellington and attendance at the National Young Leaders Conference is a definite highlight for myself and those students selected to attend.  I am extremely excited by the leadership potential we have at Devon for this year and by the ongoing success of our Student MANA Team.


I am lucky to be able to lead many exciting activities that Devon is involved in. These include big  events such as the inter-school sports and the Mokoia Exchange. A highlight for me is organising our Mokoia  trip to Rotorua where students have a wonderful three days and through the billeting experience make new friendships.  To see the obvious emotions saying farewell to their billeting families shows how much this experience means, and on alternating years we have the opportunity to reciprocate by acting as hosts. Devon also takes part in the National AIMS Games in Term 3, having competed in such events as netball, cross counter, golf, basketball, swimming and rugby sevens.


Devon Intermediate is an exciting and special school.  We recognise multiple intelligences and the ability within every student to be good at something. We enjoy celebrating students’ successes in whichever fields they may be earned.  Our Enrichments give students and teachers an opportunity to ‘follow your passions’ as well as experiencing new challenges and opportunities.  The work of such groups as our Graduation Ball Committee, Yearbook and SPCA Group, to mention a few, are a testimony to the wonderful talents that we have here at Devon Intermediate.


To our students and families of 2017 I welcome you to our outstanding school.  I know that you will enjoy your time with us and when you leave our gates you will feel that we have helped develop a lifelong approach to learning and a passion in at least one area.