Kia ora, Saludos, Bonjour, Konnichi wa, Bula vinaka, Guten tag, Ni hao, Talofa, Kia orana, Namaste, Privyet, Gretzi, Allegra, Buon giorno, Bom dia, Merhaba, Annyong ha shimnikka, Aloha, God dag, Kalimera, Shalom, Al salaam a’alaykum, Gidday mate (the last one’s Australian)!

Welcome to Learning Languages at Devon, the eighth Learning Area in the New Zealand Curriculum.  My name is Tracey More and I am the International Languages Coordinator.  I have taught at Devon for nearly 10 years, including being a Team Leader before I took Maternity Leave to have our wee son Andrew.  This year I’m teaching part time and absolutely loving being back with the students and our wonderful staff.  I teach three Spanish Elective classes to students from across the Academies.  Students are able to put their names forward to participate in these classes as well as being selected by their teachers.  They are then encouraged to be the experts in their own classes.  I also run a Languages Club at lunchtimes on a Monday called, The Lingo Club.  This club is an opportunity for students to experience a range of languages and language activities starting with our own Te Reo Maori.

Why learn a foreign language?

  • Broadens cultural awareness and understanding, highlighting the interdependence of all people.
  •  Reinforces grammatical elements in their own language, sharpening general language abilities.
  •  Encourages students to be open to difference and promotes tolerance.
  • Illuminates political, geographical and social differences.
  • Helps students to make informed choices for their Secondary education.
  • Develops skills for future employment opportunities in industries such as education, trade, foreign affairs, travel and tourism, media, technology, humanitarian and environmental roles.
  • It’s a lot of fun!

Here at Devon, we have been jumping at learning opportunities to study other cultures.  We annually host international teacher trainees from Japan and Canada, participate in celebrating International Languages Week (coming up in Week 5 of Term 3), maintain staff professional development including support from Massey University’s Regional Languages Advisor (Gunhild Litwin), as well as various other clubs and events helped organised by several talented staff members.

So, if you are from another country or can speak another language other than English, I would love to hear from you.

Learning Languages Takes You Places!

If there are greetings from my introduction you would like to know what language they are representing, the order is as follows…

Maori, Spanish, French, Japanese, Fijian, German, Chinese, Samoan, Cook Islands, Indian, Russian, Swiss/Italian, Romanche, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Korean, Hawaiian, Swedish, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Australian.