Annual Report

Devon Intermediate Annual Report 2018

School Number: 2161

General Notes

Devon Intermediate had a good year in 2018 with a stable staff who were focused and purposeful with regard to improving their classroom practice and actively engaged in the professional development opportunities the Senior Leadership team and Board offered. This allowed for accelerated progress in Writing and progress in reading results. In addition, several staff were involved in Professional Development with Te Wananga o Aotearoa over the course of the year.

The concentrated focus of professional development in the area of writing has had a positive effect as evidenced in the Analysis of Variance results. Improved practice by teachers is now transferring to other curriculum areas.

The student roll was above what the Ministry expected and has moved to 330. This increase is expected to continue in the future. Due to the roll increase, extra classrooms were opened and an additional technology class was implemented to cater for the numbers.

The Ministry of Education still have control of the schools 10YP and 5YA and this should revert back to the Boards control in 2020. No major property work was undertaken in 2018 although we have signed a contract to start painting the Technology and Administration blocks outside during the front part of 2019.

Increased resourcing and the success of funding applications has ensured the school is now well resourced and an increase in ICT spending following the development of an ICT strategic plan has meant that the introduction of a Digital technology class has been added to ensure all students at Devon Intermediate are learning the skills necessary to equip them for the future.


Kiwisport funding to the value of $4183.31 was used to support a Taiaha training programme targeting at risk boys, to purchase sporting resources for staff to use and increase our gym equipment with gym equipment more suitable to girls, encouraging them to become more physically active.

Jenny Gellen